What is ChangeMyHud?

Focus on the game!

ChangeMyHud is convenient and simple tool for switching HUD PokerTracker 4 in full automatic mode in tournaments Spin&Go on PokerStars, Fish Party on Microgaming or Twister on iPoker.

1)You sit down to play a tournament, Spin&Go, Fish Party or Twister.

2) If one of your opponent is out of the game, the program switch HUD in PT4 to one you have specified when setting СhangeМyНud.

all these problems are solved ChangeMyHud:

  • You spend all the time on the game.
  • You make decisions based on those stats, which you want to see.
  • You will have more time to think.
  • The productivity of sessions will increase. Repetitive actions dull the attention.
  • No subscriptions. The program does not use time limits. Get it once, use always!

Additional functions of ChangeMyHud:

  • The number of open tables at the moment.
  • The number of open tables since the beginning of the session.
  • The ability to inform that you have played X tournaments.
  • The ability to inform that you played X minutes.
  • Automatic registration in tournaments;
  • Tagging hands by pressing the "Hotkey"


Why do you need a nickname on Pokerstars?

This requires a way of binding program. The license file is generated on base of your account login.

All set up, press start,
but Hud doesnt switch. What to do?

1) Make sure that Pokerstars, ChangeMyHud, Pokertracker 4 are running as administrator.

2) Make sure you have completed all recommendations of setup section on this page, compare your actions with video instructions for setting up.

3) If you have more than one display, make sure that your settings have been made on the main display. All program pop-UPS and the PokerStars tables is nessesary to move to the main display and then make re-settings of the program, following all the instructions above.

What will happen if I go higher?
Do I need to buy the program again?

No. You must pay the difference in price between your and the necessary license.

For example: You have purchased a license for 15$ Spin&Go, which costs 45$ and after a while you go up to $30 Spin&Go.

You need to pay 15$ (60$-45$=15$)

I have done all the points above,
but the problem is not solved, please help.

Send E-mail:
Subject: ChangeMyHud - Help
1) Put the file "coord.ini", "CMH.bmp" (located in the program folder)
2) Make and add to the letter screenshot, in which you can see: Running CMH (pressed start), table Spin&Go (at the time it should work when switching HUD)
3) Briefly describe the problem.
4) Specify your Skype for communication (preferably)

What about other limits?

Run ChangeMyHud, then click About

Whether ChangeMyHud is allowed by Pokerstars rules?

Yes. The program is in the list of "approved" services.

May I play on another computer?

Yes. Just copy the program folder.

Frequently Asked Questions!

How to setup ChangeMyHud?

All programs must be running as Administrator.

repeat for:

  • PokerStars.exe (or other room)
  • StarsHelper.exe
  • PokerTracker4.exe

Make room's settings like in screenshot:

  • Switch off highlight around the table in room's settings
  • Make sure handhistory is saved
  • Make sure the settings on the tab Gameplay > Multi-Tabling are as in screenshot
  • Click the icon PT4 – Lock & Save Layout (in 3-max):
  • place where in 3max was the icon PT4 must be empty in Heads-up (Move and save the place of the icon PT4 if it in the same place). Screenshot with the right setup profile 2max
  • 0) Run all programs as administrator;
  • 1) Open the table Spin&Go (or similar), waiting for the Hud;
  • 2) ChangeMyHud > Settings > Config;
  • 3) in the Configurator press Select Table;
  • 4) Select the table by clicking on it;
  • 5) Select HUD profile for HU from drop-down list;
  • 6) Click Save and agree to overwrite.
  • 0) Open the Config Settings > Config
  • 1) Open the table, and waitting for hud;
  • 2) Change the profile to 2-max;
  • 3) In the configurator, click Select Table;
  • 4) Select the table by clicking on it;
  • 5) Select the table type as HU:
  • 6) Press Set PT
  • 7) Select the circle PT4 (click) in the screenshot;
  • 8) click Save and agree to overwrite;
  • After that, go to Settings > Options > Tagging and specify the tag numbers from the top and Hotkeys;

How To Get?

Send email

Send an email to support(a)changemyhud.tk
with the approximate content:
Subject: ChangeMyHud.
Body: hi, I want to get the program ChanngeMyHud. My nickname - ***** (POKERSTARS/iPOKER/MPN/etc.).

I sending license for 0.25$ limit

Fill the form

fill the form below, specifying all the data.

Your Inbox will receive an email further instructions

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